Lactation Support

We are here to provide support and education from prenatal classes or private consults to feeding your newborn and even support as your baby grows.

Prenatal consult

You can meet with our lactation counselor before your sweet bundle arrives to learn what you need to know to be prepared to feed your baby, to know what signs show all is well so you can relax and enjoy breastfeeding, and to know what signs to watch for that indicate more support is needed. We can help you select a breast pump, make sure your flanges fit properly, and learn about safe colostrum harvesting so you can be off to the best start.

Early Newborn Days

Sometimes we make the best plans and newborns still present with feeding challenges at birth and in the days after. It can be so frustrating and many parents don’t know where to start to figure things out. Being tired and recovering from your child’s birth can only add to the frustration. We are here to help you sort through all of the input from many well-meaning sources and find what works best for both you and your baby. We also work both pre- and post- oral tie release.

Older Babies

In some circumstances, a baby can have late on-set of feeding issues, or longer term on-going challenges. We are here to support even our older babies and their families who perhaps didn’t expect challenges after the newborn days. Come in, sit down, have a cup of tea if you choose, and rest knowing you are supported.

In Office Visits- $50/hour

In home Visits- $100/hour

Feeding Clinic

Every Tuesday from 10am-12pm, feeding clinics are offered with lactation support and infant chiropractic provided by Dr. Becky Kleckner, DC. Weigh-ins for babies, community support, and education are part of our clinic days. Call to reserve your place!

Feeding clinic with chiropractic care- $100

Alison Gordon LM, CPM, LC
Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife, Lactation Counselor

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